Plan? I Don’t Need No Stinkin Plan!

Oh, yes, you do!

  • When something bad happens, where will you all meet up during a workday or when kids are in school?
  • Got an out-of-state contact?  Make sure that contact is east of us, not on the west coast.  Everybody got that telephone number?  Call in to check on others and to let others know you are okay.
  • House fire?  Get out now!  Have a meeting place outside and count noses.  Then call 911.  Keep children and pets out of the way of first responders.
  • Severe windstorm?  Earthquake?  Post your OK/Help sign on your front door or window visible from street.  (What’s OK/Help?  See the Map Your Neighborhood page.)
  • Write up your plans.  Make sure everybody knows their part in staying safe and getting back to normal.